"In heaven, will God ask for papers?"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"I wish God would have said..."

Even though I'm hired to do youth ministry at Peace Lutheran Church, I still help lead the youth group at Iglesia Luterana Cristo Rey - a bilingual, mostly immigrant, church in a much poorer and more central neighborhood of El Paso.

Last night at Cristo Rey we started our youth group lesson (about "who" wrote the Bible) with the question, "What is one thing you wish God said?" The kids' responses were simple and beautiful:

"I wish God would've said if all religions were the same or not."
"I wish God would say for my doggie to have puppies."
"I wish God said your grandpa is looking down on you."
"I wish God said 'question your authority.'"
"I wish God said 'freedom for ALL.'"
"I wish God said that there wouldn't be no problems in the world."
"I wish God said go to school 4 hours daily only."
"I wish God would've said: 'You are precious.'"
"I wish God said there shall be no borders."

"I wish God said that everything is ok."

We then proceeded to talk about whether or not God has already said these things and began our discussion about if the Bible was written by God or humans.

Their responses simply remind me: Young people are a Divine gift.

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